Broadway Utica Honors Moms this Mother’s Day

Broadway Utica Honors Moms this Mother's Day

Charley Priola

"As I sit here and write this I realize how special of a relationship me and my mom have. She is the most hardworking, loving, and caring person I know and I'm so forever grateful to be able to call her mom. Me and my mom have been seeing shows at broadway utica for a couple years now and it’s something we both absolutely love. It’s what makes that bond so special!! She’s always there for me and my absolute biggest supporter so in return I feel by nominating her it’s showing my appreciation for all she has done for me. Even if she is not one of the “top 5”, she will always be my #1!! I love you mom!"

- Drew Priola, Charley's Son

Donna King

"My Mother is the perfect nominee for a title with the word magnificent in it! My Mother has been the center of my family since the very beginning. She raised 4 children while working as a nurse. She never expressed how tired she was, how we struggled or even how difficult life could be at times. We were taught manners, to be good humans and most importantly how to be loved and give that back to the world as well. My Father became ill at a time in life that we were just growing up. My Mother balanced his care and us all without breaking a sweat. She has never let her guard down as our protector and even at even at the age I am, always shows up and puts the issue into a manageable prospective. A women like Donna King care takes everyone she loves. She is beautiful, full of life and always that voice when any of us need to know the truth or just that hug when life seems unbearable. My Mother loves Theatre and would absolutely love this. If I could only introduce her, you would understand completely."

- Becky Tifft, Donna's Daughter

Carolyn DeRidder

"My mother Carolyn DeRidder is magnificent for many reasons. First, she loves her family, friends and people. Her love is evident by the way she hugs, makes homemade cards, sews, crochets and cooks. She is kind, thoughtful, an extreme hard worker, passionate about her grandchildren and very supportive. Mom calls all her grandchildren, prays for them, attends sporting events and will do whatever she can to spend quality time together. She often calls her children to family gatherings for a meal. Her cooking is so delicious.
My mom gives from her heart. She gives by doing for others. She will volunteer to help with church functions, make a meal for a family going through struggles. Mom trusts in the Lord and has taught her children well. All her life she has given of herself. What is even more amazing is her ability to forgive. She leads by example, will apologize when needed and seeks direction when faced with challenges. My mom is truly amazing because she lost her mother at the age of 12 to Cancer. With such a limited time with her mom, she truly encapsulates the best attributes that a mother can possibly have. I believe God allowed her to learn through experiences, love unconditionally, forgive and give from the heart. My family is so blessed to have such a magnificent mom. I hope to be everything she is for my family."

- Heather Johnson, Carolyn's Daughter

Kelly Jewell

"My Mom, Kelly is not only my mom, but my mentor and friend. She has taught me so many life lessons along the way, some easier to learn than others. But I now look back as an Adult with children of my own and I am so grateful for the morals and values that my mom instilled in me, family first being one of the many. My Mom is a strong, hardworking, genuine, loving, independent, patient, empathetic, supportive individual. I would not be who I am or where I am without the guidance and support from my Mom. I am so grateful to have her and more so that my children now look up to her and have a bond that is admirable. Happy Mothers Day Mom!"

- Danielle Martin, Kelly's Daughter

Elena Marie Artessa

"From the moment my feet hit the floor my mom was in for a treat with me because I’m have special needs. I have Chromosome 16p13.3 deletion syndrome which means my 16th chromosome duplicated itself. My Mom has been there for me. I love you so much mom!!"

- Lauren Marie Artessa, Elena's Daughter

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