High School Musicals During Covid

January 8, 2021

How Covid-19 Impacted My Schools Musical For 2021

As Covid continues to impact everybody’s life in various ways, one thing that continues to be in question is Broadway, Musical Theatre, and live performances. For the moment, most activities that surround musical theatre have been put on pause. My High School alternates having a High School and Middle School show every other year. Last year our Middle School put on Frozen Jr., and luckily we were able to get in all of the performances before the Pandemic shutdown. This year (2021) was supposed to be the High School’s chance for a show. However, due to the pandemic and CDC regulations, having a traditional musical is something that can not happen just yet. Instead of cancelling the show, or doing a virtual show, the amazing teachers that are involved in the Music Department at Whitesboro High, have been working really hard to put together a virtual Cabaret. Everyone in the high school is allowed the chance to audition (through a virtual audition tape) for the Cabaret. They are allowed to audition to sing a solo and/or perform a monologue for the Cabaret. At the moment the virtual cabaret is set to happen sometime in March of 2021. Rehearsals will be done all over zoom so everyone is staying Covid safe, and final performances will be taped and added to the virtual streaming of the Cabaret. As a Senior, it would have been my last year to take part in a musical at my High School. It means so much to me and my fellow seniors that we have a chance to do something musical before we graduate. Covid has taken so much away from so many people, and it truly means a lot to me and many other seniors that our teachers have been working so hard to give us a musical alternative this year, while staying Covid safe.


Whitesboro High School Senior, 2020-2021 Youth Ambassador

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