The Arts shapes you to have a successful future

January 4, 2021

How being involved with The Arts shapes you to have a successful future


The Arts is anything having to do with music, sculpting, painting, performing etc… Having an imagination to create anything you want too. The Arts is a way to express emotion, portray an image in singing, acting or even just a painting. Whether someone was just involved for fun or as a professional job, it creates an environment that allows you to be who you are. You learn skills that last you a lifetime and different values that make you who you are.

If you are interested (even if it is just a little bit or certain part), get involved! The best thing to do is get involved! Learn about different programs in school or your community. Anything from Choir to band, Orchestra to a basic theory class, or even a musical. In many places you can be a part of your school’s musical or one put on by the community! Most of the time it requires a simple audition depending on what you want to do.

The great thing about many of those options is you can try multiple of them at once, or at separate times. Not only are you discovering something new that you are passionate about, you create new bonds and memories with people. One of the many privileges of having The Arts community is being able to learn from other people who have the same common interest or goals. Being able to feed off from other people is something you take through many years. You learn that there’s always something new to try, or something new to hear.

Earlier in this reading, the word passion was mentioned and it is very important. When you have passion about something, that means you put your all into it and you want to strive to get better. You put the time, energy, and focus into whatever it may be. In life you can go as far as you want depending on how much you work for it. This does not mean music has to be your profession, but it is something you enjoy. Having passion for something in The Arts teaches you a bigger lesson than just learning to play an instrument or performing. It shows you that you can set any goal in life and achieve it, to have appreciation for other people and their dreams, but to also believe in your dreams. Big or small.

Having a successful future does not have to mean being the best at something or having fans. It means to open up opportunities for yourself to achieve what you want. Students from all over, every year, earn scholarships and different awards for achieving goals that they reached. After that… they set new ones and use what they have received (knowledge, confidence, scholarships etc..) to begin the next climb. There are adults who are out there getting paid to do what they love, whether it has to do with The Arts or being a doctor. Doing what you love and achieving your goals is the real success in this world.

“Being true to yourself never goes out of style ”~Legally Blonde


By: Karabrie Wiggins, a Youth Ambassador member of 2020-2021


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