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December 9, 2022

Don’t Just Gift This Holiday Season – Subscribe


Whether you’re short on gift ideas or searching for last-minute holiday items (it’s okay, we don’t judge guys), put the hectic shopping behind you and opt to take your loved one Beyond the Stage with a gift to Broadway Utica this holiday season. With sensational shows like Annie, 1776, My Fair Lady, and Jesus Christ Superstar coming to Utica, gifting a season to Broadway Utica is not only a dramatically effortless gift – it’s a cost-effective evening for months to come.

According to the Journal of Consumer Research, gifting an experience forms a stronger bond between people, as it acts as a relationship-building tool and allows the receiver to feel as if the gift has been thoughtfully selected. While we don’t want to bore you with statistics, such as 5% of Americans’ annual income will be spent on gifts this year, we’re delighted to brag about the perks a subscription to Broadway Utica offers. From hand-picked seats to a subscriber discount, should you need extra tickets for family and friends, to exclusive access to ticket performances before they open to the general public, a subscription to Broadway Utica is a rewarding experience that’s ideal for anyone – including the whole family.

“Becoming a subscriber is more than a season of incredible shows. It’s a subscription that reconnects you with people you haven’t seen in years, an opportunity to meet people who’ve come from different areas, and a chance to reflect on the show in passing conversations throughout the week. As a Broadway Utica subscriber, I feel as if I’m part of the long-standing institution that makes this city stand out, even though all I’m doing is simply enjoying a great night of theater amongst friends and family,” Broadway Utica subscriber Judy Galimo stated.

Unlike a movie theater gift card, a subscription to the theater offers a unique experience filled with moving parts and audience interaction that brings a story to life.

“It’s hard to put into words the feeling a performance brings. It’s authentic. There’s no editing. Like life, if something goes wrong during the show they have to quickly find a way to make it work and keep rolling – often no one is the wiser. The unique costume designs and beautiful scenery takes you out of your seat and transports you into this new place of discovery. It’s enrapturing,” Broadway Utica subscriber Pam Allen stated.

While the gift of live theater can seem like an innovative gift (you’re welcome), the reality is a subscription to Broadway Utica provides a guaranteed evening out, and the opportunity to enjoy award-winning Broadway performances – right into the month of June.

“Theater is a great way to set an evening aside and have an experience without screens, phones or anything that normally distracts everyone during the busy day. While screen-free moments are becoming notable destinations, transforming these moments into a way for couples and families to connect and enjoy a live performance puts them right there in the moment and sparks further conversation on the ride home and the next few days,” Broadway Utica subscriber Jen Voce stated.

Additionally, Broadway Utica has designed subscriptions with incredible productions that will make audiences laugh, cry, and keep them glued to their seats of choice. So, instead of giving a loved one a gift this year, why not invest in an experience they’ll never forget?


Interested in learning more about subscription rates and gift options? Check out or contact them at 316-624-9444.


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