Subscriber Spotlight – MEET THE COOPERS!

June 29, 2022

Meet Broadway Utica Subscribers Jason and Alexis Cooper

Utica Couple Says ‘I Do’ to a Season of Great Theater


June 18, 2011, was the perfect date for a wedding. Blue skies dominated the day as Jason and Alexis Cooper stood in front of their family and friends and said their vows. A round of applause rang out over the crowd as Jason broke the glass and embraced his wife for the first time. The rest of the evening was a whirlwind of dinners, drinks, laughter, and endless dancing. A photographer captured an image of the Coopers gazing at one another in the middle of the dance floor as if they were the only people there. 

The image hangs on their bedroom wall encapsulating a sacred moment that happened eleven years ago this past June. Occasionally it caught Coopers’ eye, causing them to smile at the reminder of that evening.  A house, two beautiful girls, two golden dogs, and the business of everyday tasks, like laundry, dishes, girls’ dance competitions, homework assistance, PTA obligations, dog walking, and work deadlines have taken on a familiar monotony. Yet, the photo on the wall remains a strong reminder of the beginning of the life they built together and the importance of creating new moments to enjoy it all.  

Traditionally, the gift of tin or aluminum is the symbol to commemorate the 10th anniversary. But, with the picture looming down upon them, Jason contacted Danielle Padula, Executive Director at Broadway Utica.

“I want to surprise my wife with a subscription to Broadway Utica,” he said. “Can you help find a space we’ll enjoy?”

Alexis first experienced the Great White Way when her grandfather took her to see Cats as a young girl. Raised in Westchester, miles away from the bright lights of Broadway, Alexis dove into the world of theater, stacking up favorites like Les Miserable, Wicked, and Hamilton

“I wanted to do something special that ensured Alexis and I would have time to ourselves,” Jason explained. “Broadway was something that’s always been important to Alexis, and after a year without it, I realized how instrumental it would be to have a night that guaranteed us time together while connecting with something that was so imperative in the community.”

As new subscribers for the official return of the 2021-2022 season, the Coopers quickly fell in love with everything about being a subscriber.; from their seats to the people they met and even the shows they didn’t want to see.

“Out of the season package, I was not excited to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Yet, it turned out to be one of my favorite shows. The visuals and music were fantastic. Had we not been subscribers, we would have missed that show and the experience that it brought,” Alexis remarked.

“For me, Hairspray was the surprise of the season. I loved the energy, the music was fun, and the characters were on point,” Jason continued. “We’ve met new people as subscribers and reconnected with others we hadn’t seen in years. I’m always surprised by the number of people I bump into when we’re there. It’s a commonality we may have missed otherwise.”

The Coopers enjoyed their season so much they convinced friends to become subscribers for the 2022-2023 season. 

“It’s an investment, and often that’s a hard thing to do when you have children and commitments,” Alexis stated. “But that investment proved to be more of a commitment to ourselves and each other – something we never had to think of doing 11 years ago. Once a month we step away from our busy lives, go to dinner, and catch a show, just the two of us. It truly became a gift that I looked forward to with every show.” 

As the investment turned out to be more of a reward, Jason knew he couldn’t afford to let the 2022-2032 season, or his seats, pass by. 

“You form this connection with your seats. My daughters had a dance competition at The Stanley recently and we found ourselves excited to show them our seats, and catch a glance of who was sitting in them. The seats belong to The Stanley, but in my heart they’re part of our home. I couldn’t give that up this year,” Jason explained. “Plus the line-up was something we didn’t want to miss.”

“I’m beside myself for the upcoming season,” Alexis gushed. “I’m looking forward to The Book of Mormon and My Fair Lady. I also like that there are shows on Fridays and Saturdays.”

“My daughter’s name is Annie, so I’d be remiss if I didn’t say I was most excited to see Annie this year, or that I was going to take her with me,” Jason proudly smiled.

You’ll find the Coopers, Night 2 subscribers, seated in row J, seats 109 & 110, ready to embark on the next chapter of their 11th anniversary and a lifetime of connections – and maybe in search of an additional photo to place beside the one of their favorite day in June.


Interview and Article by: Tennille Knoop with TK MILLO AND CO. 

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