Experience a 4D telling of the Donna Summers story

November 9, 2021

Summer: The Donna Summer Musical, experience a 4D telling of the Donna Summers story

How many people can you name off the top of your head that have helped you achieve the position you are in right now?  If you can name at least one, then you have at least one thing common with Donna Summer, the disco-tech superstar. It is no secret that Donna Summer had an incredible work ethic and amazing perseverance to become such an icon in pop culture, but it is easy to look at the glory and fame of any successful person, and see it only at face value. No one can do everything alone, including the star-studded celebrities we all look up to. Donna Summer was not an exception to this, as there were numerous people who helped her become the superstar we all know her as. One local resource helping women work their way up in the world is Empowered Pathway, an organization serving Utica and its surrounding areas, provides women looking to forward their lives through classes in technology, and skills needed to thrive in the modern-day workplace.

The WERC (Women’s Employment & Resource Center) at Empowered Pathways provides services to women who are in need of help entering into the workforce. This is provided through the offering of services such as training in software, such as the Microsoft office and the Google suite, as well as helping to review and create resumes in the hopes of using it to apply to jobs. Everyone needs to start somewhere, and the WERC offers women the opportunity to gain the skills needed to jumpstart their own careers. As time continues, we are increasingly descending into a digital age. Knowing how to use a computer is no longer just a frivolous want, but a modern-day necessity to reach success. That is why WERC offers classes for just that, to better prepare these women for a multitude of jobs they could possibly build a career from. Just as Donna Summer got her break when someone failed to show up at her church to sing, WERC is making sure that when their break comes, they’ll be ready for it.

Becoming a self-sufficient woman in today’s day and age, similar to Donna Summer, is not a fantasy anymore, thanks to the help of organizations like Empowerment Pathways. As someone who’s fast approaching the task of having to apply for jobs, I can attest to the difficulty of the process. From communication skills, and interviews to resume-building, it is not an easy task. Through the help of WERC though, women are offered this rare opportunity to be able to learn these skills that are not usually included in a school’s curriculum. These skills such as resume-building and interview conduct are life long, and will continue to serve anyone well into the future.

On November 23, 2021, come see Summer: The Donna Summer Musical to experience a 4D telling of the Donna Summers story. While you’re at it, make sure to bring an item to donate to the WERC, ranging from stationery, shampoo, to WebCams. These will be used to help women on their path towards finding their place in the workforce, that they otherwise would not have immediate access to. You’re guaranteed a great experience, and the women at WERC will surely appreciate your donation, it’s a win-win!


Submitted by: Juliet Thistleton / Intern at Broadway Utica

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