Top 3 Reasons to go to a Broadway Musical and Plays as a Young Adult

August 18, 2020

Top 3 Reasons to go to a Broadway Musical and Plays as a Young Adult

By: Joe Carney, Broadway Utica Summer Intern 2020

Now more than ever, we as a society need live theater. Live theater provides joy, wonder, and hope to so many individuals. Broadway Utica has created great opportunities for our community and youth to experience.

As I am in my late teens and live in the CNY area, we all know how expensive things can be for someone of our age. We work minimum wage jobs, going to college, saving for a car, or that new gadget we must have. It can be hard to enjoy and indulge in a social life let alone Broadway. This is where I found Broadway Theatre League of Utica as a solution.

Theater has the capability to provide an escape for anyone with an imagination. Through Broadway Utica’s student discount offer, it has allowed students access to affordable live theater. Therefore, I can afford to experience what Broadway Utica has to offer as they truly understand the magic of live theatre and know the importance of providing affordability.

Speaking of community, the theater community is one of the most welcoming people. When you think of someone involved in the theater, you imagine a positive, full of spirit and gifted individual. I found this to be especially true with Broadway Utica. The staff, cast, and crew of the touring companies are welcoming, and grateful. Experiencing a show at my age truly opened my eyes to the culture and community connection. For me, it was an “a-ha” moment when I saw Something Rotten!.  When I attended that performance, I noticed that the culture of my surroundings was vast. I saw that there were people of all ages enjoying the theatre. Specifically, I remember a gentleman who brought is his grandson, overhearing him talk about how he enjoyed theater throughout his life and wanted his grandson to have the same experience. This truly inspired me to seek out live theater experiences more and more and encouraged me to be the same with my future family.

“Nothing can even begin to describe the thrill of seeing a live theater performance. You sit in your seat, waiting for the overture to begin. The temptation is truly electrifying. The curtain rises, and you see some of the most talented actors doing something they love which automatically brings you joy. Then intermission hits, and you wonder how time flies that fast. You sit there anxiously waiting for the second act to begin and just like that it is over.”

It takes me usually the car ride home to process what I just saw. To fully understand the story, the meaning, the talent, and so much more. I find that when I think deeply into what I just saw, I learn many lessons from it.

Broadway Utica makes it affordable and provides a show in their seasons for all interests. I have found that Broadway Utica strives to develop a season for all ages, which is why I encourage any young adult to go see a show they think they might find enjoyable. Look at what Broadway Utica has to offer. Research the shows, and ultimately go see them and get that magnificent experience of live theater right here in our own backyard.

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