Polar Express (Film)


Hello Friends!

The Broadway Theatre League of Utica team is thrilled that you decided to join us for The Polar Express Movie on November 9th at The Stanley Theatre with a start time of 10:30AM.

We need to share a few things with you so that we can make this a successful experience for all.

DROP OFF: Buses are allowed to start arriving to the theatre at 9:00AM (reminder: the movie does not start until 10:30AM).  As buses line up in front of the theater, the ushers will give the bus driver and the main contact teacher on the bus a matching number.  This will be used for egress at the end of the movie.

PICK UP:  Buses are allowed to return to the theatre starting at 12:10PM (the movie is expected to run for 100 minutes)  After the movie has ended and once your bus is in front of the theatre, an usher will be on the stage to announce the matching number that the bus driver and the main contact teacher received at drop-off.  When you hear your number called, your group may stand at that time and walk to the front entrance and on to your bus in an orderly fashion.   All other groups must remain seated until their number is called.

If your bus driver needs to park the bus to wait, we suggest for the driver to park at the Riverside Mall parking lot or they are welcome to park at the Joe Tahan’s warehouse lot off the arterial.

If you homeschool your child, we will have a designated seating area for all homeschooled students.   We will contact you separately regarding the location you will be sitting in.

We have attached a color sheet of the ticket for students to personalize which they can use to gain entry in to the theatre, if they wish.  The ticket and the other attached items should be a fun activity for the students to get them excited for the show.  If tickets are brought to the theatre, we will have volunteers collecting the tickets as they enter in through the main doors.

We also encourage students to wear appropriate pajamas for this occasion.

Please note, the refreshment stand will not be open.  Water is only available on an as needed basis.   We highly recommend for all students to bring their own water bottles and to eat a snack/lunch prior to and/or after visiting The Stanley. Snacks will not be available at the theatre.

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns. 315-624-9444 or Jill@BroadwayUtica.org

Enjoy your time at The Stanley Theatre.

BELIEVE in the Magic of the Arts!

Thank you,

Broadway Theatre League of Utica



THANK YOU to all the Sponsors that helped make this possible.

Straight from Broadway to Broadway Utica!