A Season of Quality Theater Won’t Bust the Budget

June 24, 2022

A Season of Quality Theater Won’t Bust the Budget

Theater can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but budget and day-to-day expenses can be seen as a hindrance when it comes to buying tickets to a show. Subscribers to the theater, on the other hand, remove the budget and planning aspect and replace it with savings and financial savvy.

For those who enjoy theater, a subscription is an easy decision, but for those who attend shows only occasionally, the questions tend to overshadow the obvious benefits. Let’s break down what a theater season subscription entails to make this decision easier.

What Is a Seasonal Subscriber:

The subscription to Broadway Utica is similar to a season ticket, as it gives you access to all of the season’s performances for one set price. As a result, the subscription costs less than you would pay at the box office, so you can save 20% to 50% on regular prices, depending on which subscription you choose.

“We’re entering a new season with an enthusiastic audience that desires more from the market,” says Danielle Padula, Executive Director of Broadway Utica. “Our subscribers care less about ownership and more about the convenience a subscription provides them. There’s a special connection between the Broadway Utica crew and our subscribers. We value their feedback and take them into consideration when booking shows for our following season. They’re the first to receive news and information about upcoming shows because we are so excited for them to be a part of this.”

What Are My Subscription Options?

Every theater’s subscription options are different. Broadway Utica’s season is six shows long, including four bonus shows. Subscriptions include all five shows, or for a little extra, guests can include a six-package deal to include their bonus show Annie in this year’s line-up. 

“We are fortunate to have these types of quality art performances here in our community. Beyond art, Broadway Utica brings an economic contribution to our area with each performance. That’s a crucial element,” Rick Green, Broadway Utica subscriber noted.

Subscription Benefits

 A subscription provides a number of benefits, including the same seat for each in-season show performance, the ability to purchase additional tickets for family and friends using the subscriber discount, and early access to purchase additional seats before they open to the general public. A subscription to Broadway Utica also provides convenience, a guaranteed evening out, and the opportunity to enjoy award-winning Broadway performances in a spectacular venue without trekking to New York City. Additionally, subscribers also have the option to automatically renew their same seats the following season to ensure they have the same seat for years to come. 

“One of the best parts of becoming a Broadway Utica subscriber is attending shows that I traditionally wouldn’t have seen,” Broadway Utica subscriber Kari Puleo explained. “I’ve been pleasantly surprised by some of these performances and grateful that I had the opportunity leave my comfort zone and experience unique musicals that left an imprint on me.”

Subscriptions: Are They Right for Me?

If there is still some uncertainty  about the benefits of a season subscription, visit Broadway Utica’s Open House on Monday, June 27th and Tuesday, June 28th and have a private consultation to discover package and seat options.  Visit them online at broadwayutica.com or call to discuss alternative options.   

“People think there’s not much going on in our area, especially in the winter. But these shows make you realize there are lots of things happening here. Each month you get to take a seat in a soft, comfortable seat, let the area go dark and quiet, and embark on an adventure that always seems to go by too fast. Every time a show ends, I leave excited to come back and see the next one. They’re always that good,” Broadway Utica Subscriber Nick Bonacci stated. 


Ready to Get Started?

  • Thanks to the diligent work by Broadway Utica, the 2022-2023 season is filled with winning productions that will make audiences laugh, cry, and keep them glued to their personal seat of choice. Commit to sitting back, relaxing, and rediscovering the arts as the best of Broadway comes to The Stanley Theatre.  , Call 3156249444 or visit online at www.BroadwayUtica.org, or in-person at their box office at 258 Genesee Street in Utica.

“There’s something about walking into the Stanley Theatre and knowing exactly where I am going. My seats have a special place in my heart. They hold a history that presents itself each time I walk down the aisle and join them once again,” Puleo stated.  


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