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Broadway Utica’s Students on Broadway

Mission Statement: Students on Broadway is a unique program that gives students in all grade levels a chance to witness a live Broadway production presented by Broadway Utica. Each youth regardless of race, ethnicity, financial status and more are able to witness the magic of theater all at little to no cost. The theatre is a place with no boundaries, full of acceptance, powerful messaging and hope. We believe every child in our city and the surrounding communities should have the opportunity to experience theater and all it has to offer.


Why Students on Broadway? 

Students on Broadway is a program designed to offer students who are enrolled in a local area school program or affiliated with preventative service agencies, mentoring programs, community centers, and others a complimentary ticket to a touring Broadway production presented by Broadway Theatre League of Utica at The Stanley Theatre. Experiencing the captivating magic of live theater and sending a student to see a live Broadway production can have profound and transformative benefits.

Through Students on Broadway, more youth will have the opportunity to see the theater and enjoy all the offerings of live theater, an experience they may never get to see due to financial constraints, transportation issues, living situations and more. Broadway productions are often diverse and inclusive, showcasing stories from different cultures, time periods, and perspectives. Attending a live performance exposes students to a myriad of narratives, traditions, and artistic styles, expanding their cultural awareness and fostering a sense of global citizenship. It allows them to celebrate diversity and gain a deeper understanding of the rich tapestry of human experiences.

Engaging in theater experiences helps young people build self-confidence and develop communication skills. Theater offers a sense of community and belonging. The theater is a place of powerful messaging, hope and acceptance. We believe in giving all students a chance to witness the magic of the theater.

Interested in attending a show with students enrolled in school or a youth mentoring program? 

Please email Kristen Matteson, Community and Youth Program Coordinator at

More about Students on Broadway!

Here at Broadway Utica, we fully understand the financial constraints of experiencing the world of Broadway due to the rising cost of productions, ticket pricing and insufficient school funding. Broadway Utica is committed to providing live theatre magic to all youth in our community enrolled in grades k-12. This one-of-a-kind program is uniquely designed to expose all aspects of the theatre to our community at risk, underserved youth, those living in group/foster homes, low-income neighborhoods, school groups, drama clubs and more. There are no boundaries in theatrer and there are no boundaries in our program.

In the past we have hosted thousands of students attending The Polar Express Movie, Bluey's Big Play, Blue Man Group, Hairspray, My Fair Lady, Jesus Christ Superstar and more. This is a way for our youth to enjoy the theater with their classmates, teachers, mentors and program directors. This is all made possible through donations, community partners and generous sponsors.

"It is critical in today's world to have outlets for our youth. A safe place to express themselves, to have a voice and to learn from peers." -Danielle Padula, Executive Director of Broadway Utica. "The theater is a place of acceptance, powerful messaging, on top of a business industry. Our youth can learn about the world of acting, set design, lighting, stage management, musicians and more. Each student will be able to witness every intricate piece of this puzzle come to life on stage".

“One of my favorite things to do is to bring the kids I mentor to a Broadway show at the Stanley Theatre presented by Broadway Utica. The excitement and awe on their face when seeing the Stanley Theatre for the first time and watching them have so much fun during the shows is priceless. Without the generosity of the Broadway Theater League of Utica donors and sponsors, these kids would never have the opportunity to experience this. Utica is extremely lucky to have these events right in our city. We appreciate the contributors for allowing us to attend the shows at no cost to the child.” Gina Buono, ICAN service provider/mentor.

Your tax-deductible donation directly impacts the students in our community. Broadway Theatre League of Utica is forever grateful for your contribution. Together, we can make a difference. If you are interested in donating to our program, you can donate directly online at or make checks payable to Broadway Theatre League of Utica, 258 Genesee St. Attn: Students on Broadway, Utica, NY 13502 or by calling 315-624-9444. Any questions, please contact Kristen at

Be Involved!

If you want your school, students or mentees to become involved with STUDENTS ON BROADWAY for the 2023-2024 year, please contact Kristen Matteson directly at

Program Eligibility: 

This program is for youth organizations, schools and mentoring programs only. All submissions must come from a registered workplace email address. Verification of employment may be asked with proof of a work badge, etc. This program is limited to a certain number of participants each night, per performance. Members of Broadway Theatre League of Utica will review each individual application. It may take up to 7-10 business days for a response. 

All tickets will be held at the Stanley Theatre's Box Office and available for pick up on the night of the show.

For More Information

For more information on any of our programs or to become a Students On Broadway donor call 315-624-9444 or email:

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