A Sneak Peek Inside Spamilton: An American Parody

January 7, 2022

“…..you don’t want to miss a thing!”


Looking for a fun, tongue-in-cheek bit on Lin-Manuel Miranda’s lofty dreams and the journey to top other Broadway blockbusters? Allow Broadway Utica to introduce you to Spamilton, the hilarious American parody that isn’t going to throw away its shot at satire. 


Spamilton takes its audience on a head-turning comedy ride through Gerard Alessandrini’s exaggerated take on Miranda’s inception of Hamilton to its Tony success. But, just like Hamilton, the fast pace and wordy spoof leave plenty of opportunities to leave you quoting Jefferson asking, ‘What’d I miss?’ We’ve taken the liberty of breaking down a few fun facts to help you garner everything Alessandrini designed. After all, it was made for your pleasure. 

Broadway Hitter:

Spamilton: An American Parody holds court with references to over 58 Broadway shows. Think Avenue Q, Wicked, Les Misérables, Rent, and Cats to name a few.


Gerard Alessandrini leaves no play, or Broadway composers, unturned. Taking playful hits at American composer and lyricist Stephen Sondheim, Alessandrini spoofs his famous hits, including “Sundays in the Park with George,” “Company,” and “Gypsy.”  


Characters are the heart and soul of Broadway. They’re responsible for forming a connection with audience members and drawing them into a body of work. They’re also focal points in Spamilton’s skits. Be on the lookout for beloved character walk-ons, like Harry Potter, boys from the Book of Mormon, and the Phantom.   

Founding Fathers:

Spamilton can’t exactly parody Hamilton without including the founding fathers. While Alexander Hamilton is somewhat of a given in this spoof, audience members should be on the lookout for streamlined references to Ben Franklin, Aaron Burr, and George Washington. 

Schuyler Sisters:

From three to one, the great Marissa Hecker, the strong female performer who embodies all three of the Schuyler sisters, is responsible for making Spamilton ‘Work!’

Musical Notes:

Spamilton does not welcome music tracks. Despite a few sound effects, the musical director performs over 50 songs on the piano, mirroring Hamilton’s 47 songs. 


Sneeze (or don’t since we’re still pandemic skittish) and you might miss the multiple wardrobe changes met by the cast of eight. With over 30 costume designs, ten wigs, and the main uniform of white pants with Hamilton emblazoned on the dairy aire, the poster for Spamilton gets a great deal of behind-the-scenes quick-change traffic. 

Special Guests:

We’ll leave the surprise appearances for the show. But, expect to see five unexpected guests take to the stage. 


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