October 4, 2013

Broadway Theatre League of Utica today announced it has launched a new website designed to promote teching Broadway touring shows in Utica.  The new site, was showcased in conjunction with We Will Rock You, which is currently teching its first national tour in Utica. 

Teching a show refers to the first time the cast, crew, and set are together in one location.  It is the first time a show or new tour is put together. This requires the cast, crew, and production team to be in town for an extended period of time, creating a significant economic boost for the region. The We Will Rock You crew arrived in Utica on September 26, and preview performances for the show will be held on October 11 & 12.

John Fehlner, executive director of Broadway Theatre League, showcased the site saying:

“This is a marketing tool that we hope will help attract more Broadway touring shows to our area,” said Fehlner. “We designed it in an effort to answer all of the questions a tech show needs to know before selecting a city. It’s like one-stop shopping for producers and presenters, such as NETworks,“ he added.

Seth Wenig, executive producer of We Will Rock You, and executive vice president of production for NETworks, joined Fehlner.

“The Stanley Theatre is a unique venue that is perfectly set up to allow any show the freedom to do the hard work of putting together a whole production. Launching any show is very difficult and tedious, Utica allows the work to get done in a calm environment, without distractions and has a tremendous and dedicated staff,” he said.

The website includes information, such as:

• Hospitality in Utica
• Location of the venue in relation to I-90
• The line set schedule
• The stage size, proscenium opening, and seating in the theatre
• Equipment available for rental or usage from the venue
• Backstage photos of amenities

We Will Rock You is the fourth tech show Broadway Theatre League has presented in Utica in the last two years. Industry standards estimate that each tech show brings $1.2-1.5 million to the region during its stay.

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