Broadway Utica’s Youth Ambassador – Sarah Mullen

July 3, 2024

Sarah Mullen – Whitesboro, NY – Click on the following link to read more about Sarah’s acceptance into Grammy Camp this summer!: SarahMullenGrammyCamp

I’ve participated in Broadway Utica’s Youth Ambassador Program for two seasons now, and it truly has been an incredible experience. As a high school student looking to major in music in college, the Youth Ambassador Program has taught me many valuable lessons and skills crucial to my future aspirations. Hearing about various career paths in the music and theater industry has significantly helped me figure out my own career goals.

During the pretalks before shows, I’ve met Broadway tour directors, actors, and even set technicians. Meeting these professionals has taught me that there are many different aspects and paths in the music and theater industry, something I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to learn about without this program.

One of my favorite parts of the program is how it incorporates local businesses involved in theater and music. The culture in the Utica area is rich with theater and music, and the Youth Ambassador Program has truly accentuated that. All the students in the program are very involved in the music and theater community, making it a great way to connect with some of the best young actors, dancers, and musicians in the area.

Of course, the shows and tours through Broadway Utica are absolutely amazing to watch, but I believe the best part of the Youth Ambassador Program is the connections it builds among students with a common interest in music and theater. The program has also given me the confidence to branch out towards new opportunities. This summer, I will be participating in Grammy Camp, a one-week music camp in Los Angeles, where I will meet and work with other music students from around the country. Without the Youth Ambassador Program, I would never have sought new opportunities like this or learned the importance of connecting with peers with similar interests.

Broadway Utica’s Youth Ambassador Program has been an important step toward my future and college plans and continues to be so. I will forever be grateful for the community and opportunities it has opened up to me. Most importantly, the program has taught me that no matter where the future takes me in music or theater, I will always have the Youth Ambassador Program to come back to, and I hope to contribute to the program someday. I can’t wait for another season with the Youth Ambassador Program and all the new people I’ll meet and the amazing shows I’ll see.



Applications are being accepted to join Broadway Utica’s Youth Ambassador Program today until August 1st. Go to to download the application. With any questions, contact Kristen Matteson at or call 315-624-9444.


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