Director Rose Myers – Bluey

December 19, 2022

Director Rose Myers Answers Questions For Hulu Theatre at Madison Square Garden

  1. What was it like directing Bluey’s Big Play The Stage Show?

Being entrusted with such an amazing world was a big responsibility. There were lots of challenges working out how to realise an animation as a live show. All the artists and producers that worked on the production recognise the level of artistry in the animation and the phenomenal calibre of Joe Brumm’s story telling, and we wanted to honour that in the live show through the form of puppetry.  Working with puppets is all about balancing the technical with the storytelling. The show features quite large puppets so working with puppetry director, Jacob Williams, and our amazing cast was a big part of the delight of seeing it all come to life.

  1. What was your favorite part about that experience?

We created the show during the covid lockdown which made it even more complicated and meant we needed to rehearse extra performers in so we could cover anyone getting sick. That was hard but also made it more amazing when we performed because the tv show had meant so much to people during the lockdowns and to be together to enjoy it live was really special. It was one of the very first shows back on stage in Australia after some quite lengthy shutdowns where many of us wondered what he future of theatre would look like and if people would return? It was great to see that people did really hunger for the live experience and Bluey’s Big Play was such a joyous way to launch back into that.

  1. What motivates you each day as a director?

I am driven to make stories come to life.  I love the theatre as a place of communal experience and a place where we can unpack and celebrate the human experience. I want to make work that excites others to this medium and I really love young audiences because they are naturally very imaginative and up for that ride.  I feel very privileged to do this work, theatre making is a very collaborative so the dialogue with your fellow makers is really exhilarating. There is nothing quite like sitting in an audience and feeling their enjoyment in what you have made.

  1. It will be playing at the Hulu Theater at MSG… Are you excited? What can people expect?

I am so excited to be coming to the Hulu Theatre. In Australia, we have lots of brilliant American content on our screens but it’s great to feel like an Aussie show has that traction in the other direction. The audience can expect a fun, and in the tradition of Bluey, very relatable story by Joe Brumm, a brilliant score by Joff Bush, lots of action, many of the favourite games from Bluey and a chance to interact with the characters. That is one of the very special things about the show. Children love Bluey and Bingo and it’s a big moment to be there live in the theatre together.

  1. How does it feel to be a director in the digital age? (Now with streaming and technology being so prevalent)

I also work in film and television, but the theatre is a unique space because everything is being created live in front of you. I think that demands a different relationship between the artists and the audience. You really must imagine together and the inventiveness of creating things in the theatre is really part of the magic. Also, the communal nature of theatre is wonderful, and I think very fundamental to our human health.

  1. What does the word success mean to you? (My favorite question)

I want to take great stories and make them come alive for audiences. I respect that we are taking people’s valuable time and money and I want to honour that as best I can. I feel very lucky to do what I do and hopefully it brings joy to people. The world is complicated place so to be facilitating moments of connection through theatre and storytelling is the best success for me.

  1. What would you like to tell our readers about Bluey’s Big Play The Stage Show?

Bluey is a celebration of family and play, those fundamental things about life that we sometimes take for granted. The show is lots of fun for all the family and a magical experience to share with the little people in your life.


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