Seat Talking Tales of the Loge, Seats A5-11

February 7, 2022

Seat Talking: Tales of the Loge, Seats A5-11

Seat Talking is a new series inspired by loyal, long-time Broadway Utica subscribers. Their stories highlight the reasons why they made the wise decision to become subscribers while giving theater lovers an inside look at the person occupying a seat to the left or right of them.  

Upfront, personal, and direct, Rick Green’s premier seats in Row A of the Lodge, A 5-11, have remained a passionate part of an eight-year subscription with Broadway Utica due to the technical lure they provide.  

“When it comes to theater, I’m truly amazed from a technical standpoint,” Green shared. “The lighting, the sound effects, and the scenery. There’s so much to draw from and our seats offer great visibility to it all.” 

Much like the gloss upon a page, the gloopy metallic type, and the bold graphics that burst upon a page, Green immerses himself in the aesthetic aspects of each production. He seeks out the technical directions that illuminate scenes, set moods, and draw the audience’s eye to the proper place at the precise times. An important aspect for a business owner whose fourth-generation company holds a 90 plus year legacy due to its visual graphics and design. 

“Theatrical shows help stimulate social discourse, generate empathy towards one another, and demonstrate what teamwork can accomplish,” Green explained.

Finding inspiration in the pinnacle designs that stimulate the flow of each show, Green first fell in love with the beauty and art of the theater at a young age.

“The first show that pulled me in was Phantom of the Opera in Toronto.”

While it’s not rare to fall in love with theater based on Andrew Lloyd Webber’s masterful Phantom of the Opera, its high-tech stagecraft and melodrama might have been what sealed the deal for Green. There’s the sweeping musical scores, a sprinkle of ballet, elaborate costumes with dozens of quick changes, and, of course, a falling chandelier. 

Passionate about the Mohawk Valley, Green has acted as a stronghold of support, rendering subscriptions and marketing support for the arts in Utica. After seeing Annie, Broadway Utica quickly became part of that priority.

“Besides wanting to support a worthy local organization, I have always been a fan of On-Broadway New York, so becoming a subscriber was an easy decision. But it’s the quality shows that have kept me coming back each season.”

When it comes to labeling his favorite Broadway Utica performances Green finds himself torn between Motown and Rent due to the technical and theatrical standpoint they brought to the stage.

“We are fortunate to have these types of quality art performances here in our community. Beyond art, Broadway Utica brings an economic contribution to our area with each performance. That’s a crucial element.”

In regards to the 2021-2022 season, Green is excited to take his seat and fall in love with the beauty of the theater once again. However, South Pacific and Hairspray are two shows that he can’t wait to sink his graphic eye into.   

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