This Holiday Season, Give The Gift Of Live Theater

December 16, 2021

Shop No Longer: A subscription to Broadway Utica is the gift that gives all year long.   


It’s official: The 2022 season is just around the corner. and open for business. Blockbuster musicals and Broadway plays have returned to Central New York with cutting-edge premiers of favorite iconic stories. With them comes the exhilaration of Broadway Utica subscribers as they reclaim the seats they’ve long called their own.

“There’s something about walking into the Stanley Theatre and knowing exactly where I am going,” Kari Puleo, long-time Broadway Utica subscriber, stated. “My seats have a special place in my heart. They hold a history that presents itself each time I walk down the aisle and join them once again.”

Under normal circumstances, securing a seat for a Broadway performance came with a sense of uncertainty. Anxious show goers would line up for tickets and hope to secure a spot and their seat of choice. Now that a new lineup of shows has finally returned purchasing single tickets comes with further trepidation. However, with a season subscription, attending some of Broadway’s most successful shows like Blue Man Group, Hairspray, and the coveted Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, is not only a breeze – it’s a gateway.

“One of the best parts of becoming a Broadway Utica subscriber is attending shows that I traditionally wouldn’t have seen. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by some of these performances and grateful that I had the opportunity to take myself out of my comfort zone and enjoy unique musicals that have left an imprint on me, ” Puleo stated.

After a year surrounded by the comforts of home, a subscription to Broadway Utica is the prescribed antidote for experiencing a fun, physical, and mental escape from the day-to-day regimen.

“As women, we tend to overschedule ourselves,” said Ms. Puleo. “Having season tickets allows me to block out time for myself. It’s a guaranteed evening that forces me to get dressed up and spend a night out with my friends, enjoying the big city experiences our area offers.”

And if looking to give back is on your holiday list, a subscription to Broadway Utica is the ideal ticket.

“It’s wonderful to have this cultural experience in our backyard, to step out and be able to immerse oneself in quality theater and the arts, which enhances our community in a bigger way.”

Attending a Broadway show or musical at The Stanley Theatre helps fill restaurants and hotels, brings in union jobs, and introduces students to the theatre for the first time with its Students on Broadway program. A season ticket subscription to Broadway Utica can be the gift that ensures the continuity of the area’s live theater long after the presents under the tree are forgotten.

Interested in giving the gift that will take your loved one beyond the stage? Contact Broadway Utica at 315-624-9444 or subscribe request more info here

Season Subscription are also available online along with all tickets to upcoming performance using this link:



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