Blue Man Group…Just What The Heck Is It!

March 16, 2022

Blue Man Group…Just What The Heck Is It


Three non-verbal, bald, blue-painted men will take to the Stanley Theatre on April 4th and 5th ready to garner a laugh or five. But, for those unfamiliar with this wondrously absurd show, Broadway Utica is here to enlighten you. 

Like the characters themselves, the origins of the blue man and who he represents are enigmatic. But, while we can’t pinpoint the actual configuration behind the blue man himself, we can unveil his creation, which originated when Chris Wink, Phil Stanton, and Matt Goldman decided to challenge the way the world looked at performance art and created an eccentric blue image designed to cancel the idea of what an audience sees as ‘human.’

Before we set the precedent that The Blue Man Group is a deep show, filled with intricate meanings and artistic voyages difficult to understand, we should note that the three friends transformed their ‘human’ to contort an array of music filled with painting, science, technology, and, most important, childlike sophistication. 

While the blue men are mute throughout the performance, audience members will be able to decipher a specific role that each blue man plays, which, funny enough, was created to reflect the founders’ personalities. There’s the trickster, the leader, and the somewhat mad scientist. 

Part drumming and part acting, the blue men engage in a variety of acts that are filled with humor and audience participation. Tinkering with PVC pipes, Kodo drumming, Pink Floyd, and Marx Brothers comedic style, The Blue Man Group highlights the power of connecting with individuals through movement and performance, instead of the traditional play script. Think the beat of a drum can’t carry an emotion or a story? The Blue Man Group is ready to put that theory to bed.  

If the idea behind The Blue Man Group continues to find you lost at sea, then the founders have done their job as the show was designed to bring in a raw audience, ready to experience art without expectations. Essentially, the show is best defined from the comfort of a velvety theatre seat, surrounded by the founder’s notion of challenging the way people experience innovation, creativity, and inspiration.

However, for those who still need something concrete to hold on to, Broadway Utica welcomes you to think dance, drama, mass-market multi-media technology, and a world of eye-opening experiences that seem to call to your inner child. And, if that doesn’t get through to you, then the drumming and the humor definitely will.  


Blue Man Group | April 4 & 5

7:00pm | Tickets

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