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What is... Students on Broadway

The Broadway Theater League of Utica is committed to the youth in our area. Students on Broadway is a program presented by Broadway Utica and sponsored in part with First Source Federal Credit Union. The program is geared towards all children who are enrolled in a local area high school from K-12th grade. Our initiative is to unleash the creative potential in children, have them become familiar with the theatre world and live arts, attend field trips and matinee programs, enjoy performances with family and friends and so much more… all with little to no cost! 

“One of my favorite things to do is to bring the kids I mentor to a Broadway show at the Stanley Theatre presented by Broadway Utica. The excitement and awe on their face when seeing the Stanley Theatre for the first time and watching them have so much fun during the shows is priceless. Without the generosity of the Broadway Theater League of Utica donors and sponsors, these kids would never have the opportunity to experience this. Utica is extremely lucky to have these events right in our city. We appreciate the contributors for allowing us to attend the shows at no cost to the child.” Gina Buono, ICAN service provider/mentor

From summer camps to master classes, theater award shows and trips to see live Broadway productions, the Students on Broadway program is truly one-of-a-kind. This is the perfect opportunity for Broadway to foster and encourage the creative process for children K-12. Our goal is to engage, teach and inspire all youth with a passion for the arts, their community and live theater. Education is a lifelong journey that opens doors to those that are constantly wanting to learn more and shine bright!

“The arts are an important part of Utica’s culture and history, and each art avenue has a beautiful and impactful story to tell,” said Pamela Way, Community Relations Specialist at First Source Federal Credit Union. “Unfortunately, we are still at a place where not every young person is exposed to the arts and experiences all the possibilities the arts have to offer. We are so pleased to be able to sponsor students who otherwise would not get an opportunity to see a Broadway Utica production or be a part of a drama class.”

We will come together as one and access the arts to capture and cultivate all talent. The Broadway Theatre League of Utica wants to have a presence in every elementary, middle and high school within our area. Exposure to the arts, not only for singing and dancing, but for every aspect of theatre. From stage building, song writing, union jobs, ticketing, management and so much, we will be able to cover and achieve each goal.

Your donation directly impacts the students in our community. Broadway Theatre League of Utica is forever grateful for your contribution and reaching students BEYOND THE STAGE. Together, we can make a difference.

Straight from Broadway to Broadway Utica!