Make The Blue Man Group A Family Affair

March 29, 2022

Make The Blue Man Group A Family Affair

Turn off the tv, put away the cleats, and plan an evening around the silly, marshmallow-throwing comedy that will bring the whole family together. Appropriate for all ages, Broadway Utica’s premiere of the Blue Man Group is filled with loud music, strobe lights, hilarious absurdity, and of course, its signature drumming.  

Viewed by more than 35 million people around the world, this smash-hit redesigns its skits and routines based on the audience’s feedback – making it nearly impossible to see the same show twice. If that wasn’t impressive enough, we should mention the thundering beats and flying paint that’s about to bounce around The Stanley.

Welcoming theatergoers to look at the world with unbridled curiosity, The Blue Man Group breaks into an art-infused concert that combines comedy, music, and pokes fun at technology. However, while the show’s “Neo-Vaudeville” offers an educational STEAM perspective, the Blue Man Group technically feels more like a party than a performance.

The Blue Man Group is known for its popular humanoid blue men characters, yet some argue that audience participation is one of the show’s greatest highlights. An unusual feat, since the nonverbal blue men use intent observations and physical attributes to communicate. Although we want to keep most of the participation bits a surprise, we can reveal that Twinkies, waterproof overalls, and a blindfold do make an appearance. 

A few more details to consider are the lack of language barriers, as the blue men utilize expressions rather than language, and the 75 minutes run time, which is perfect for those with short attention spans. Those looking to get into the thick of the show should consider purchasing tickets closer to the front of the stage as water or paint might be tossed, splattered, or flung their way. 

But, for anyone looking to come to the Blue Man Group, we must warn you: don’t be late. The blue men love to provide a good-natured embarrassment for those who dare to interrupt the show. 


For tickets to the Blue Man Group, please visit, call 315- 624-9444, or visit them at their box office located at 258 Genesee St., Lobby Level, in Utica. 

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