Know Before You Go… Waitress!

March 1, 2022

Waitress:  Facts To Know Before You Go

The Broadway hit musical Waitress is ready to take the stage at the Stanley Theatre on March 22nd & 23rd during their national tour. The musical, which focuses on Jenna Hunterson, a waitress and pie-maker who desperately wants to get away from her abusive husband and small town, is a poignantly irresistible slice of life that features original music and lyrics by Grammy Award winner Sara Bareilles.

 Ready to take the audience by storm, Broadway Utica is here to dish out a few fun facts to dig into the dynamics of the show: 



While Waitress has an adorable, bubble gum appeal, the acclaimed story revolves around topics best reserved for teens and older. A story about a young woman who tries to knead the problems of her abusive marriage away, Waitress touches on some deep-rooted adult themes which may not be appropriate for children. 



While the 2007 film painted a bleak group of women, deeply unhappy with their blue-collar jobs, the musical throws bright-colored Broadway paint on the set with upbeat pop scores written by Sara Bareilles. Die-hard music fans can expect Bareilles’s musical genius to embrace the show’s serious topics while adding endearingly witty tunes that take Waitress to another level. Curious musical seekers should be sure to check out Bareilles’s radio hits like “Love Song,” “Brave,” and “Gravity” to get a feel for her rhythmic style. 


All-Female Creative Team:

Even with a cloud of tragedy surrounding it, Waitress delivers a humorous off-kilter style that could only be accomplished by the hands of an all-female creative team. Brought to life by Musical Designer, and five-time Grammy Award nominee, Sara Bareilles, screenwriter Jessie Nelson, who based the musical on the original screenplay written by Adrienne Shelly, and Director Diane Paulus, Waitress portrays a group of women who feel like they’ve been written for every single female lucky enough to see the performance. These women are messy but kind and scared but strong —a dynamic that gives audiences a well-rounded example of what female characters should look like in musical theatre.


Let’s Hear it For The Props:

Waitress’s ‘pretty as pie’ appeal comes with a lot of props, including fresh pies and other fresh ingredients, like chocolate chips, marshmallows, sugar, and flour. Unlike most productions where lighting and sound engineering take center stage, Waitress is the one musical that requires the vibrancy of food to hold court. From baking carts and condiment trays to the food present in the diner, which includes real bread, cherry pie, and a real tomato slice, Waitress relies on a prop crew that works tirelessly to bring in pie, pie, and more pies into the Stanley.    


March 22 & 23 | 7:30pm
The Stanley Theatre 



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