Reneé Rapp | Means Girls

Virtual Class and Observation

October 19, 2020

Class Details


Reneè currently stars as Regina George in MEAN GIRLS on Broadway and is thrilled to share her knowledge with our virtual students!

This workshop is strictly limited to 15 participating students! Observation tickets are available for those who wish to observe the participants and attend the Q+A. Students ages 13+ of all skill levels are welcome to join. Students will need to bring 16-32 bars of an audition song with sheet music in the correct key or a one-minute monologue. Please use an accompaniment track for your song (YouTube tracks are fine).

5 pm Est. Time


Reneè Rapp is a New York City based singer, songwriter, and actress. Undeniably original, her lyrics and music come unapologetically from her heart, creating a sound that is upbeat, yet always bittersweet, leaving you wanting more. Possessing the same star quality and energy of Mariah, Beyonce, and Kelly Clarkson, this nineteen-year-old is a true powerhouse of emotion that has the ability to help redefine the current boundaries of the pop music culture.

Her music is one-of-a-kind, a confident mix of pop and R&B, that no matter the melody conveys raw emotion—nothing gets lost in translation. Upbeat, fast-paced, edgy or smooth she creates relationship with her listeners that is both deep, vulnerable, and based in reality.

“I recognize that in the world today, people are in need of a real connection that makes them feel vulnerable and that allows it. We need relationships to begin to define our lives again...not technology. I want to be this outlet, this connection for people, and a place that they feel safe.”

Her debut project includes 6 collaborations with award winning production duo, The Breed. Her first release, SLOW, is an upbeat, real examination into the nervousness and excitement of a new relationship. Instrumentally driven by guitar and piano, her collection of songs are authentic and natural, leaving you wanting more.

A native of Charlotte, North Carolina, Reneè started performing and dancing at age four, taught herself to play the piano at age seven, and jumped into the recording studio while she attended the Northwest School of the Arts. Her commitment to the performing arts was recognized when Reneè was awarded the 2018 Blumey Award and the 2018 Jimmy Award for Best Actress for her excellence in vocal, dance, and acting performance. Moving to NYC post-graduation, Reneè currently stars on Broadway as Regina George in the Tony award winning show, MEAN GIRLS, as she continues to work on her solo project.

This workshop is for educational purposes only and cannot and will not be considered an audition. We will not be able to share any video recording of this workshop to ensure we maintain a safe space for all participants. Students are encouraged to take handwritten or typed notes during the workshop for their reference.



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