Sam the Snowman’s Scarf, Hat, and Mitten Drive

November 14, 2023

This holiday season, Broadway Utica and the Bernadette Eichler Youth Ambassador Program are sparking joy and warmth through a wonderful initiative as Rudolph The Red-Nosed Rudolph Reindeer- The Musical arrives at the Stanley Theatre on December 4th. This initiative is inspired by Rudolph’s beloved character, the Sam the Snowman’s Scarf, Hat, and Mitten Drive isn’t just about collecting winter essentials—it’s a movement to spread generosity and bring comfort to those in need.

Within this blog, we’ll unravel the impactful role played by the Bernadette Eichler Youth Ambassadors, uniting communities and coordinating drop-off locations for this heartwarming cause. Join us in exploring the ripple effect of kindness and the genuine excitement surrounding this charitable endeavor that promises to warm souls and unite hearts throughout our community. The Bernadette Eichler Youth Ambassadors are the heartbeat of this initiative. Their passionate involvement in coordinating drop-off locations has been instrumental in ensuring the success of this campaign. Bins, brimming with hope and the essentials to keep others warm, have found their place in confirmed locations like the Utica Public Library, Jervis Library in Rome, The Rok in Clinton, Utica Children’s Theatre, and NBT Bank branches spread across Herkimer, New Hartford, Utica, Clinton, Whitesboro, Rome Black River, and Rome Westgate. Even the Wynn Hospital, specifically the Labor and Delivery unit, has been touched by the warmth these ambassadors have delivered.

Through this, the warmth of giving has found a way into the hearts of our community, creating a ripple effect of kindness that extends beyond physical items, touching the very essence of the holiday spirit.

Please consider contributing to this cause by dropping off items to one of the listed locations or if you plan on coming to see Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer- The Musical on December 4th, bring your items along and we will cheerfully collect them as you enter into the theatre for a memorable experience.

For tickets to the show, go to or contact the Stanley Theatre at 315-724-4000.

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