Go Beyond The Blue with Steven Wendt

March 31, 2022

Go Beyond The Blue with Steven Wendt

Steven Wendt has been hanging up his identity and painting himself blue for several years. As a performer, puppeteer, and creator of a theatre program called The Institute of Useless Activity, Wendt’s professional background is evident in his stellar performance, both on and off stage.

Hailing from Kansas City, MO, Wendt moved to New York, where he is falling in love with the lights, the noise, and the “adventures of living in the biggest city in the world.” However, while on tour, Wendt most enjoys exploring the small, intricate towns.

There’s something about walking through walkable older cities in America with small downtowns that I really enjoy. However, we did stop in Fort Myers, Florida and I have to admit I liked being able to go to the beach in February. That was a rejuvenating moment on tour.”

After 75 minutes of adrenaline-packed drumming performances, a sense of rejuvenation does seem to be in order. While Wendt tours all over North America, performing in multiple venues from Ohio to Wisconsin, his real motivation is the opening act. 

“I love meeting the audience for the first time and feeling that delicious tension between us all. I also love this new moment in the show where we take audio samples from the crowd. It’s a treat to perform night after night because it’s completely unpredictable.”

After ten years of performing as a blue man, Wendt is still fascinated by the audience’s reactions and finding out about new segments as they are created.

“The hardest part of playing a blue man is not laughing out loud when something is extremely funny.”

Wendt first discovered the Blue Man Group while performing a hand shadow show for a corporate party in Vegas.

“I was totally blown away that night. Years after I auditioned and received a part, I panicked, as I wondered how I was going to be able to learn the entire show. 10 years later, I’m still here and hungry for MORE!”

For a blue man to appear effortless and exciting, months of practice and preparation are required. But getting into character, before he hits the stage, is one of Wendt’s favorite routines.  

“So much of the character is putting on the makeup and costume. With every handful of blue paint that I place on my head, I slowly strip away my personal inhibitions, ego, and my sense of self, only to become a BLUE MAN.”

“My intention with each performance is to help people feel connected to one another and feel a bond. I always hope that each person finds a little break from having to be “smart,” and leaves with a renewed sense of curiosity and wonder within their lives and their community.” 

And, as for Wendt’s own hopes and aspirations? 

I have my own piece of theater called This and That which will premiere at The Chocolate Factory Theater in Queens, NY in September. My hope is that it’s a huge success and that I can bring it on tour in the future.”

For tickets to the Blue Man Group, visit www.broadwayutica.org, call 315- 624-9444, or visit them at their box office located at 258 Genesee St., Lobby Level, in Utica.  


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