Why is Musical Theatre Important?

December 31, 2020

Why is Musical Theatre Important?

The question of the night is why is musical theatre important? This is asking, what impact has musical theatre had on society and individuals as people personally.

After doing some digging and gathering information from my sources, surprisingly musical theatre is more effective than just a simple performance. It has a greater meaning and here is why. There are many benefits to participating in a musical theatre program. First, children that participate in drama programs experience improved reading comprehension and typically are more interested in learning. It also provides children with the opportunity to explore their imagination and make creative choices at a young age.

Hence, Drama demands self-discipline/control from its actors and actresses. Improvisation helps develop quick thinking and problem solving skills. Performing on stage requires concentration and mental focus which is a necessary skill to have in achieving goals in life. Most importantly, musical theatre fosters a social awareness through exposure to the social issues, events and cultures that are portrayed in the scripts. These very things help students to develop an ability to understand works of literature, performance and expression in general. It is a great opportunity for students to continue further their education and a great time with friends on stage. It is an outlet for students to express themselves in a unique manner artistically.

Ultimately, musical theatre is important because it helps children recognize their potential for success.

Written by: Rijah 2020-2021 Broadway Utica Youth Ambassador 

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