Arts Education is a vital part of Broadway Utica’s mission.


Broadway Utica’s UticaWorx

Mission Statement:

UticaWorx is a transformative program within Broadway Utica, dedicated to fostering educational growth through the powerful medium of theater. Our mission is to inspire and engage our community through dynamic performances that convey impactful messages, fostering positive interaction and personal development. By integrating the arts into education, we strive to provide enriching experiences that not only entertain but also enlighten, cultivating a deep appreciation for creativity and culture. UticaWorx is committed to extending the reach of arts education, ensuring that people of all ages have the opportunity to connect with and be inspired by the magic of theater.

Why UticaWorx? 

This program was established in 2023 to allow anyone with any background, skill level or age to participate in unique courses, programs and events designated for all. UticaWorx brings in events such as summer camps, workshops with professionally trained actors, choreographers, vocalists, educational and motivational speakers and more. This program brings together an esteemed faculty of industry professionals, each possessing a wealth of experience and expertise in their respective fields. Students can immerse themselves in a rich curriculum designed to enhance their skills, deepen their understanding, and nurture their passion for the performing arts.

The goal of this program is to cultivate individuals who are interested in a certain field of the arts world or to enjoy all this program has to offer as a past time. Whether you aspire to grace the stage as a captivating actor, move audience members through choregraphed dance, showcase powerful vocals or more, this program will allow you to do just that.

All participants will learn various skills and flexible learning options. Students of all ages will have access to lessons, exercises and materials to suit any level of experience. UticaWorx will work directly with schools to assist in field trips to local theatres and host workshops or assemblies within their own school. UticaWorx will collaborate with community businesses to unveil all the benefits and establishments of the art world right in their backyard for our youth.




For More Information

For any questions, comments or registration inquiries for educational events, please contact Kristen Matteson, Community Outreach and Program Coordinator at Kristen@BroadwayUtica.org or by phone at 315-624-9444 * 1

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