ICAN + Broadway Utica Host How To Survive Middle School

November 7, 2023



On October 24th ICAN hosted slightly over 1200 students from 10 elementary schools in the Utica City School District through Broadway Utica’s newly formed UTICAWORX program. The audience was full of energetic 5th and 6th grade students. The event took place at The Stanley Theatre. Each student was at the edge of their seat listening to national comedian Robert Post as he presented “How to Survive Middle School”. There’s no simple formula for helping middle school students navigate this stretch of their lives. Robert Post, a performer who captivates audiences nationwide with his hilarious one-man variety show, has created a new program that brings middle school kids and their deeply felt concerns right to center stage. Everything from magic, singing and dancing helped guide the students on what they can except as they learn to “How to Survive Middle School”. This 55-minute, high energy, engaging  show blended fun and entertainment with honest talk about social and emotional issues – and then followed up with lesson plans and activities that teachers can use to help students handle these issues with greater confidence and control.

Thank you to our partners at ICAN for sponsoring this wonderful event for children in the Utica City School District to enjoy.


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