3 Ways To Avoid Being Scammed

December 14, 2022

It happens every day either online, over the phone, in the mail or even in person. We are led to believe we are on the correct website, getting a good deal, helping a friend or doing the right thing, I mean…. it looks totally legit, right?


As we tend to trust or believe it can’t happen to us, it happens, it will, or it already has.

  • Beware of 3rd Party ticket websites – Broadway Utica does not support the sale of tickets from any 3rd Party ticketing site.  These sites inflate the cost of the ticket, add additional fees and taxes, and they do not support any discount offers or promo codes offered by Broadway Utica.

    Ticket buyers have been known to receive tickets for show dates that do not exist, never receive tickets at all, sent fake tickets or duplicate tickets.

  • IF you purchase tickets, be sure to always use PayPal or a Bank Card for payment. VENMO, CASHAPP and applications like these will not let you reclaim your money or let you dispute the charge once a transaction has been made.
  • When purchasing tickets to Broadway Utica shows there are ONLY 3 ways to do this.
  1. Call The Stanley Theatre Box Office at 315-724-4000
  2. Visit The Stanley Theatre Box Office at 259 Genesee Street Utica, New York
  3. Online at Ticketmaster.com

Being aware is the first step in preventing this from happening to you or someone you know.  I hope you find this information helpful in making you a better ticket buyer.  

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