Broadway Utica’s 2021-2022 Intern

October 19, 2021

Juliet Thistleton YAP Student and Intern

As William Shakesphere once said, “All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players.” Coming from The Seven Sages of Man, this aphorism conveys the idea that one’s life is one in the same with a theatre production. Art is one of the only ways humans can fully express their emotions. The theatre in particular, can be a great outlet for the performers and audience alike, to both escape from the world, but also come to terms with the less than glamorous aspects of life. I would be honored to become a Youth Ambassador at the Utica Broadway League, because it would extend my work for my internship beyond just office work, and let me experience the creative work that goes into a theatrical production. This would lead my one step closer to fully understand the importance of the arts, specifically the sect of Theatre.

Becoming a Bernadette A. Eichler Youth Ambassador would allow for further immersion into the world of theatre beyond the normal business side that my internship calls for. In addition to just learning about the labor that is required to put on the final show for an audience, becoming an ambassador would allow me to also experience the performer’s perspective. All of the aspects, from the orchestra pit, lighting directors, set designers, to the performers on stage have to work in harmony in order for a show to be successful. As a Youth Ambassador, I would be able to deepen my appreciation for the theatre from a production standpoint, as well as a member of the audience.

Through this program, I hope to meet High School students that have a passion for theatre and music, much like myself. This would allow me to broaden my horizons in terms of learning more about different backgrounds, and the diverse selection of people that have a passion for the theatre. In conjunction with my internship, I would also like to learn more about the venue used to host the shows. Specifically, how management of performers and management of the venue, in this case the Stanly, work to facilitate a smooth overall product of the performance.

Being a YAP member would help me learn how to write in a different style than I have previously learned in my English class. I have been told I have good writing skills, but that was when I was submitting many paragraphed English Essays, writing to a prompt. Through writing reviews of the shows I have seen, I will have gained the ability to critically analyze and commentate on what I would have usually just seen as entertainment. Instead of watching the show just to watch it, I would be more in-tune to the fine details of the performance, and how certain techniques, ranging from the production side to the performance side are implemented to create an extremely immersive, and impactful experience for the audience.

While my experience with the theatre only includes an ensemble member in my school’s production of The Princesses and the Pea, I do have a strong musical background. I know how to play the violin on an intermediate level, as well as the flute, and the piano. My main instrument that I am actively studying though is the oboe. The pit in a musical is a crucial element, and I would love to learn more about the interworking between them and the performers on stage.

Becoming a Youth Ambassador would be a great experience for me, as it would let me see the fruits of the labor that are done in the office of the Utica Broadway League. The world may be a stage, and we may just be players in it, but by understanding the inner workings of the theatre, I will be able to apply this new-found knowledge to my life, and lead me one step closer to understanding why humans need the arts in their lives, despite it not being one of four basic needs for survival.


Juliet Thistleton

Notre Dame Jr./Sr. High School

Utica Broadway League

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